24 February 2021

CEO update | February 2021 | Updates on our State/Location Committees and more





Dear members,

The beginning of 2021 has seen us setting up member groups once again, asking our members to volunteer their time and join their local committee. These groups (previously called Professional Development Groups, or PDGs) have been instrumental in organising local CPD events, in bringing together people to build relationships and networking opportunities, and in providing Resolution Institute with valuable advice on local matters whether it be state government policy or legislative reviews, potential opportunities for our members and Resolution Institute in general. Many of these state/local groups have already been busy organising events early in the year and I am pleased to see the number of ideas for future events and speakers coming through. Last week we held a hybrid event where we were able to bring some members together face to face, and then stream in others via Zoom. This was very successful and gave members the choice of how they wanted to attend. As usual, we are remaining flexible and responding to local restrictions (which are continually changing). It is, however, exciting to be able to see people in person a little more now, and at the same time, enjoy the new online tools that we have become so familiar with throughout 2020.

On that note, I should add that, in Australia, Professional Development Groups have, as a response to feedback from local groups and members and a consultation process, been renamed to represent the broader purpose of the member groups. They will now be referred to as State/Location Committees and the groups themselves can define their specific name if they are focused on a particular area of practice, especially where there are multiple groups in a given state. The terms of reference have also been updated to reflect these changes and can be found, together with more information on each group, here on our website. Please keep an eye out for the weekly email about local and online CPD events, they are always interesting and cover many different topics relevant to our members.

NMAS Review

As you may be aware, the Mediator Standards Board is currently conducting a review of the National Mediator Accreditation System (NMAS) in Australia. The main purpose of the review is to:

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of the NMAS; and
  2. Consider what changes and additions need to be made to it.

Resolution Institute, as the largest accreditor of mediators under NMAS has been involved in this review through a series of reference groups. Currently, the NMAS review team is inviting members to participate in an effectiveness survey to collect preliminary information about the perceived effectiveness of the current system. This effectiveness survey is voluntary; however, the review team is specifically seeking responses from the following groups:

• Current NMAS accredited mediators
• Former NMAS accredited mediators
• NMAS trained mediators who have elected not to become NMAS accredited.

Resolution Institute will also be responding to this survey as an organisation. If you would prefer to participate in the survey through the Resolution Institute response, please email us at and we will send you a PDF copy of the survey to send back to us.  

Participation is voluntary and the survey will take approximately 14 minutes to complete. The survey will close 14 March 2021 and can be accessed via this link.

March will bring a flurry of activity from the team here at Resolution Institute on various initiatives that are about to commence. These include the launch of our mentoring program (more information is already available on Member Connect), our expert determination accreditation and training course, the triennial review for determiners, Resolution Institute conference registration details, and other events currently being planned. More information will be shared about these initiatives in March and I encourage you to keep up to date with everything happening and where possible, to get involved to enrich your membership experience with Resolution Institute.

Warm regards,