31 August 2020

CEO update | August 2020

As I have recently shared, we have launched a new strategy for the next four years ‘Our Strategy’, with extensive input from our members and the community. Our strategy has subsequently guided the development of an operational plan for the next 12 months that outlines our key priorities for the year.

In light of these plans and priorities, it became clear to me that we weren’t well structured organisationally to deliver on our priorities in a clear and focused way.  As a result I have spent time over the last three months taking the time to look at how we need to structure the Resolution Institute team to deliver on our strategic objectives and as a result we have undergone a reorganisation of the roles within the team.

The new structure in place creates five teams, as follows:

Membership team: We have now created a dedicated membership team that will be the first point of contact for member based initiatives, enquiries, PDG’s and volunteers, also responsible for the development of our new tools, resources and technology to support you.  Further, we have also recently recruited two new staff members to this team including a Membership Manager, David Chin, who starts with us on 2nd September.

Finance and Nominations: Will focus on streamlining and growing our nominations work, and ensuring the internal processes are robust and clear for our members and staff to operate within.

Training and Accreditation: Will support all training and accreditation for dispute resolvers and our corporate partners, ensuring that we are the organisation with the reputation for the highest practitioner and practice standards.

New Zealand and Operations: Will focus on the New Zealand business and membership, so that a dedicated team and structure remains in place to provide the highest level of member support, whilst also managing the operational governance, risk and technology needs of Resolution Institute.

Marketing and Corporate Affairs: Will actively support our members and the above teams to increase our advocacy efforts, and to increase our profile and influence as the leading dispute resolution organisation in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the next week our website will be updated with the details of our new structure and the staff in each team so that you know who to contact for what, and who the main contacts are in each area.

In addition to the changes I have made in terms of the organisational structure of the staff team, we have also had to evolve as a result of the challenges that  have risen from the new environment we operate in due to COVID-19. As many of you know the Sydney office has been closed since March, with staff working from home permanently, and more recently our NZ team have been working from home again as a result of the renewed restrictions in NZ.  With our Sydney office lease coming to an end in September, together with the changing environment, we have had the opportunity to consider what is important (and what isn’t) in a physical office location. After much consideration and analysis of our options a decision has been made to move out of the Sydney CBD into a smaller office location in Chatswood, north of Sydney. This will achieve cost savings, a smaller physical footprint, and significant benefits in terms of flexibility, amenities, and branding of the new office space.  

This decision also enables a high-performance working culture for our small team and supports the best interests of Resolution Institute in the long-term. I anticipate that our office move will occur in early October and I look forward to having the Sydney team back working together again.

I have no doubt that the changes I have put in place will provide us with the ability to better focus on the engagement and diverse needs of our members, so that we continue to increase the value you receive by being a member of Resolution Institute.

Kind regards,