30 July 2021
CEO update | July 2021 | Rounding up the conference, and reflecting on achievements in the past year
30 July 2021
Aotearoa New Zealand update | July 2021
29 June 2021
CEO update | June 2021 | An important conference update, and a reminder to renew your membership
29 June 2021
Aotearoa New Zealand update | June 2021
1 June 2021
MEDIA RELEASE: Melissa Stubbings reflects on Indigenous mediation
28 May 2021
Aotearoa New Zealand update | May 2021
28 April 2021
Aotearoa New Zealand update | April 2021
28 January 2021
CEO update | January 2021 | Welcome to a new year
19 June 2020
Dr. Jane Bolitho has been appointed as the Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice at the Wellington School of Business and Government
28 April 2020
CEO update | April 2020 | Adapting, being flexible and adding value
27 March 2020
CEO update | March 2020 | Planning for the new normal: our new initiatives and changes to CPD requirements
17 March 2020
CEO update | March 2020 | Covid-19 update
26 February 2020
CEO update | February 2020 | Celebrating special achievement, advocating mediation and looking forward…
11 February 2020
Federated Farmers SC welcomes next steps in farm debt mediation scheme
30 January 2020
CEO update | January 2020 | Our strategic direction
18 December 2019
CEO update | December 2019 | Building up a picture
31 July 2019
CEO update | July 2019 | Updating profiles

Fiona shares 10 reasons to update/refresh your Dispute Resolver Directory

28 June 2019
CEO update | June 2019 | Fiona's resignation

Fiona shares her resignation news and welcomes Trevor Slater to the role of General Manager in NZ

30 May 2019
CEO Update | May 2019 | Departing GMs and restructure

Fiona farewells Hayley Jarick, welcomes the new Marketing Manger and introduces the new structure

29 March 2019
CEO Update | March 2019 | Member survey

Fiona talks about the member survey, the new Professional Development Groups and subscription packag

28 February 2019
CEO update | February 2019 | Media special features

CEO Fiona Hollier talks about recent press coverage and building brand awareness.

1 February 2019
CEO update | January 2019 | CPD and PDGs

Fiona outlines some upcoming initiatives and events for 2019.

20 December 2018
Telephone conciliation: what, why, how, challenges and answers
Member's voice NZ | December 2018

Trevor Slater discusses telephone conciliation: what, why, how - challenges and answers.

20 December 2018
CEO update | December 2018 | RAIF and other visits

Fiona recounts her recent tour to Jakarta, Perth, Hobart, Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney.

20 December 2018
Book review of Mediating With Families - 4th edition written by Mieke Brandon and Linda Fisher published by Thomson Reuters 2018
Member's voice AU | December 2018

Tom Stodulka reviews Mieke Brandon's and Linda Fisher's 4th edition of Mediating With Families.

22 November 2018
CEO update | November 2018 | AGM reports

The CEO provides an overview of the AGM, attended by 25 members and held on 19 November 2018.

20 November 2018
Retirement Villages Stakeholders Forum 20/11/2018
Member's voice NZ | November 2018

William Hursthouse reflects on his experience at the Retirement Villages Stakeholders Forum.

20 November 2018
Paralysis by analysis, is damaging children
Member's voice NZ | November 2018

Jill Goldson discusses the effects of parental alienation on children in family law resolution.

25 October 2018
CEO update | October 2018 | Arb Week

Fiona reflects on the recent learning opportunities she felt privileged to take part in.

25 October 2018
Mediation power imbalances: weighing the arguments
Member's voice NZ | October 2018

Nigel Dunlop examines the impact that power imbalances can have in mediation.

25 October 2018
Why the need to fix the in-Court part of the reforms should not mean wholesale change for the out of Court FDR service
Member's voice NZ | October 2018

Keri Morris reviews the 2014 Family Justice reforms.

25 September 2018
A reflection on the FDR regime in New Zealand
Member's voice NZ | September 2018

Rachel Lohrey shares her reflection on the family dispute resolution regime in New Zealand.

23 August 2018
CEO update | August 2018 | Complaints handling

Fiona outlines the importance of RI's proactive, comprehensive complaints management program.

23 August 2018
Member's voice NZ | August 2018

Anet Kate provides an interesting overview of co-mediation.

23 August 2018
Go forth and mediate
Member's voice AU | August 2018

Megan Lewis shares lessons learnt in her regional NSW practice.

26 July 2018
How workplace mediation is different
Member's voice AU | July 2018

Elizabeth Rosa on how workplace mediation is different and what it means for mediators.

26 July 2018
CEO update | July 2018 | NFP sector

Fiona ruminates on three important pillars of membership association.

26 July 2018
The centrality of proportionality
Member's voice NZ | July 2018

Catherine Green considers proportional costs and benefits in dispute resolution.

22 June 2018
Agreements that Stick: How can mediators assist parties in ongoing relationships to make agreements that stick?
Member's voice NZ | June 2018

Lesley Ashworth discusses the factors that increases the 'stickability' of agreements.

22 June 2018
CEO update | June 2018 | Marketing

Fiona Hollier shares how members can market themselves in a way that raises their credibility.

22 June 2018
Family court slip remediation on the FDR track
Member's voice NZ | June 2018

Dianne Martin discusses the ways in which court-referred ADR can improve the family justice system.

26 May 2018
CEO update | May 2018 | RI profile raising

CEO Fiona Hollier elaborates on the organisation's commitment to an important strategic goal.

25 May 2018
The rise and rise of parenting apps
Member's voice NZ | May 2018

Timothy McMichael discusses an app designed for separated couples with children.

26 April 2018
I fought the law
Member's voice AU | April 2018

Peter Singer asserts the need for reform of the legal system to better serve the social structure.

26 April 2018
High conflict people: tips for mediators
Member's voice NZ | April 2018

Peter Franks recapitulates Bill Eddy's four strategies for dealing with high conflict people.

26 April 2018
Experiences from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner
Member's voice NZ | April 2018

Riki Jamieson-Smyth recounts her experiences as an OPC and shares tools and resources.

26 April 2018
CEO update | April 2018 | Advocacy

Read the CEO reflections on Resolution Institute's role as a voice for members.

22 March 2018
Reflections on training mediators in Tonga
Member's voice NZ | March 2018

John Hardie reflects on his time in Tonga where he taught the RI mediation course.

22 March 2018
CEO update | March 2018 | Board face-to-face

Read the CEO's reflections on the recent Board planning conference.

22 February 2018
Why mediation competitions matter
Member's voice AU | February 2018

Dr. Rosemary Howell highlights that the value of mediation competitions go beyond just winning.

22 February 2018
How kiwi families resolve relationship property disputes; time for a change?
Member's voice NZ | February 2018

Anna Quinn considers this question in the context of a submission on the PRA review.

22 February 2018
CEO update | February 2018 | Volunteering in RI

The CEO reflects on invaluable contributions from members in the form of volunteering & feedback.

25 January 2018
CEO Update | January 2018 | Professional learning

Welcome back from the holiday season, which we hope you have found to be festive and relaxing.