31 May 2022

Aotearoa New Zealand update | May 2022



Kia ora

National Mediation Conference (NMC)
The National Mediation Conference is an event that is held bi-annually over a number of days in Australia. It is a major event for practitioners from all walks of mediation. I am pleased to say that the NMC will be held in Wellington in September 2023. 

An Aotearoa New Zealand-based design group has been formed which Resolution Institute is part of, to guide the NMC Committee on the conference content, theme and other events. This is very exciting and will mean our mediation members in Aotearoa New Zealand will have access to this excellent event without the need to travel to Australia.

More information on the NMC can be found here. I will announce further details as they come to hand.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Conference
Last month we ran our first combined FDR conference with AMINZ.  Thanks to all the hard work put in by Laura and her supporters — it was an outstanding success.

Over 80 FDR practitioners attended across three morning workshop sessions. These were presented by some of our leading experts in FDR in Aotearoa New Zealand, all of whom volunteered their time to make the conference a success.

The event was part of our overall programme to work with AMINZ to provide joint events that are for the benefit of all members of both associations.  We are now looking at other events we can co-present.

Restorative Justice (RJ)
In May, we ran our five-day RJ course which is the final part for RJ facilitators to complete before they move to the ‘RJ Trained’ status. There are seven facilitators who have completed their training and are now working in the RJ sector and on the pathway to RJ accreditation.

A big thanks to our training partners, Anne-Evans Scott, Jon Everest from PACT and Everard Halbert for his work at the course.

Whilst on the subject of RJ, we are planning to hold an RJ conference in the first half of 2023, in the same format as our FDR conference. The aim is to keep it as affordable as possible and holding it online will mean RJ facilitators from all over Aotearoa New Zealand will be able to attend without travel and accommodation costs.

This horrible virus is still very much in our community. Those that have contracted it have had varying symptoms from a mild cold to strong headaches, extremely sore throat and dry coughing.  The one common thing all are reporting is that the post-symptom fatigue period is the worst part.

Unfortunately, I tested positive a couple of weeks ago and I can offer two pieces of advice.

Firstly, make sure you have a plan on who will support you during isolation and moreover who will take care of you.  I could not have prepared food for the first three days but thankfully I had good family support. My local chemist was brilliant and delivered medications to help. My doctor also called me each day for four days.

Secondly, rest, rest and more rest. Whilst it is frustrating and pretty boring the only way I found to get better was to listen to my body and resist the temptation to overdo it because I felt I should be working. I did that one day and was wrecked for 24 hours after.

COVID-19 is a bit like that neighbour who mows his lawn early on a Saturday morning. Just when you think he is finished and you relax, he starts with the weed-whacker and annoys you all over again!

Take care.

Trevor Slater