29 June 2021

Aotearoa New Zealand update | June 2021


Cooks Islands Mediation Centre and Resolution Institute
Resolution Institute is excited and proud to be working alongside Tauranga Aka 'Au, Cook Islands Mediation Centre, as this important service is developed in the Cook Islands.

Newly established as an incorporated society in 2019, Tauranga Aka 'Au is raising awareness, developing mediation training and intends to provide a range of mediation services to the Cook Islands community. In collaboration with the Ministry of Internal Affairs – Labour Division, it is now set to provide employment focussed mediation services.

Resolution Institute has facilitated the deployment of one of our qualified mediation trainers to the Cook Islands to assist with the upskilling and continuing professional development of the Cook Islands mediation team. 

Resolution Institute Aotearoa New Zealand believes supporting its Pasifika neighbours in the promotion and use of mediation and facilitative processes by providing hands-on help, is an important role and we are proud to be able to assist the Cook Islands project.

Farm Debt Mediation
As I have spoken about previously, Resolution Institute worked with AMINZ to create the training, accreditation and ongoing professional development for the newly enacted Farm Debt Mediation process.

The Farm Debt Mediation Act came into force on 1 July 2020. The aim of the Act is to provide a pathway to the resolution of disputes between farmers and lenders.  It covers the vast majority of rural sectors and applies to any secured lending.

AMINZ and Resolution Institute hold the register of accredited mediators who are registered to provide services under the Act.  There have been 47 applications for mediations and the provision of the mediation has been provided by 13 of our joint members. 

This service is delivering excellent outcomes for both parties and is a great example of the benefits that come for members when we work with our counterparts at AMINZ.

Restorative Practice
Resolution Institute participated in the second Restorative Practice hui held by the Ministry of Justice.

This meeting is made up of all the agencies and interested parties who are involved in restorative practice as a means of resolving disputes. It is a forum to share information and developing the greater use of restorative practice.

A programme for restorative practice is being developed by Resolution Institute. This has commenced with a one-day session being conducted by Jon Everest. Over the coming months we are looking at options to provide more formal training and qualifications in this area.

The New Zealand Conference
We are very pleased to be able to provide our Spotlight on Practice conference in Wellington on November 16 and 17. The conference has a focus on practice and consists primarily of 90-minute workshops. All forms of mediation are covered ranging from commercial to family to restorative practice.

The full programme will be released soon. In the meantime, I am very pleased to say that our Ombudsman, Peter Boshier, will provide the keynote opening presentation.

Have a great July.

Trevor Slater