27 April 2022

Aotearoa New Zealand update | April 2022



Kia ora

This year
I hope you all had a nice Easter and good times with your whanau. Whilst the year seems to be flying by, I am pleased to see that we are slowly returning to some normality. There was no doubt that many good people struggled with the COVID-19 restrictions and vaccine mandates.  Let’s hope we are now past that permanently.

Mediation Training
As many of you would know the Resolution Institute five-day mediation course is an outstanding event and the gateway to becoming part of the Aotearoa New Zealand dispute resolution sector.  It runs a number of times each year in Wellington and Auckland.

However, attending in person for people outside of these two locations can be costly with travel and accommodation adding to the cost.

In recent times, due primarily to COVID-19, Laura and our training team have created an online version of the mediation course. It has proven to be very successful and highly rated by attendees.

This course now caters for people who wish to attend the mediation course but are unable to travel to Auckland and Wellington. In particular, those located in smaller regional communities can now learn all the mediation skills without the added costs of travel and accommodation.

The other great news is that we also offer online mediation accreditation.

If you know of anyone who may be interested in the mediation course, please check our website for dates for the online course or simply email me at

Restorative Practice Group
Resolution Institute has had mediation practice groups in Christchurch, Wellington and online for some time.  In response to requests from our Restorative Justice (RJ) members we have now established an RJ Practice Group.

Practice groups are for practitioners to meet, share ideas, discuss challenges and how to deal with them, in their area of practice. It also provides a connection for practitioners who may be geographically isolated from their peers or working in a single-person operation.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) Hui
During this month a hui was held with us, AMINZ and the Law Society and Ministry of Justice (MOJ) staff to discuss FDR issues. Unfortunately, MAADRO, the fourth Approved Dispute Resolution Organisation (ADRO), did not attend.

One of the main motivations for the hui, which is a regular occurrence, is to aim for consistency across the ADROs in relation to areas such as accreditation and complaint handling.  I am pleased to say that all three ADROs have similar accreditation requirements and complaint handling processes.

The other reason we meet is to look at issues affecting the FDR industry to see if there are ways to work together to address these.

Two main issues were identified that work is needed on.  They are:

  • Funding of the industry — review of payment to suppliers and providers
  • Pathway to FDR accreditation — how do we ensure there are sufficient FDR practitioners?

All three ADROs have agreed to look at ways we may be able to work together to address these matters.  As the saying goes ‘watch this space’.

Stay safe
Trevor Slater