14 June 2019
New General Manager appointed in New Zealand
12 June 2019
MEDIA RELEASE - Former Chief Justice champions dispute resolution with Resolution Institute
30 May 2019
CEO Update May 2019
30 May 2019
General Manager (NZ) takes on interesting and worthwhile role in women's health
23 May 2019
General Manager (Aus) returns to previous stomping ground in new role
30 April 2019
Congratulations to the finalists for the Australasian Law Awards
29 March 2019
CEO Update | March 2019
28 February 2019
CEO update | February 2019

CEO Fiona Hollier talks about recent press coverage and building brand awareness.

25 February 2019
In fond memory of Brian Gallagher

We are sad to let our members know that Brian Gallagher passed away on 20 February 2019 aged 81 year

18 February 2019
FJS review panel chair on Radio NZ

Hear from Rosslyn Noonan on potential chances to the family justice system.

14 February 2019
Another 'down-under' winner of the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition

Congratulations to the the Auckland University Law School team and all those who supported them!

1 February 2019
CEO update | January 2019

Fiona outlines some upcoming initiatives and events for 2019.

23 January 2019
Review Panel's initial thoughts on changes for the NZ family justice system

Consultation document outlines proposed changes.

20 December 2018
Book review of Mediating With Families - 4th edition written by Mieke Brandon and Linda Fisher published by Thomson Reuters 2018
Member's voice AU | December 2018

Tom Stodulka reviews Mieke Brandon's and Linda Fisher's 4th edition of Mediating With Families.

20 December 2018
Telephone conciliation: what, why, how, challenges and answers
Member's voice NZ | December 2018

Trevor Slater discusses telephone conciliation: what, why, how - challenges and answers.

20 December 2018
CEO update | December 2018

Fiona recounts her recent tour to Jakarta, Perth, Hobart, Melbourne, Canberra & Sydney.

22 November 2018
CEO update | November 2018

The CEO provides an overview of the AGM, attended by 25 members and held on 19 November 2018.

20 November 2018
Retirement Villages Stakeholders Forum 20/11/2018
Member's voice NZ | November 2018

William Hursthouse reflects on his experience at the Retirement Villages Stakeholders Forum.

20 November 2018
Paralysis by analysis, is damaging children
Member's voice NZ | November 2018

Jill Goldson discusses the effects of parental alienation on children in family law resolution.

16 November 2018
NZ Law Awards Mediator of the Year

Congratulations to the 2018 Mediator of the Year and all the finalists.