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John Hardie

John Hardie, mediator

Canterbury and nationwide
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John has been a practising mediator for over 20 years. He initially trained with LEADR in 1995, and is currently the only South Island Fellow of the Resolution Institute.  He has combined mediation work with his practise as a barrister. As most of his work is by solicitor referral, continuing in practise has been helpful in maintaining a thorough working knowledge of contract, tort, commercial, estate and environmental law, these being the predominant areas in which his mediation disputes arise.

In the last 2 years he has spent over 600 hours in mediation, and would have completed over 100 mediations in that period.  Those mediations covered a wide variety of subject matter, but were principally in the areas of commercial, family (estate) and environmental disputes. John has been undertaking mediation work for the Government dealing with weathertight home issues since the inception of the Weathertight Homes Tribunal and mediation service in 2002. He is also assisting with the resolution of insurance claims resulting from the Christchurch earthquakes, for EQC, the private insurance companies and the homeowners. His current role is as legal advisor the the GCCRS and IDRS set up by the government to resolve outstanding claims from the Canterbury earthquakes.

As a matter of professional ethics, he never provides details of individual mediations. John regards lists of mediated cases in that category.As to mediation style, John believes that the role of the mediator is determined by the subject matter of the dispute. But much of his mediation relates to commercial disputes where matters of fact and law are in issue. In those circumstances, his role would not simply be described as a facilitator of discussion between the disputing parties. He is prepared to challenge the views of parties on both law and fact, and believes in the power of private caucusing where much of that discussion is likely to take place. It is not a case of settlement at all cost, but every effort must be made to examine the stumbling blocks to settlement to find a path forward.

Since being admitted to the LEADR panel in 1995, John has undertaken additional training on a regular basis.  To give some examples; In 1997 he undertook courses with Dr Dudley Weeks  and Professor Robert Baruch Bush from the United States; In 1998 Christopher Moore of  CDR Associates, Boulder, Colorado; In 2002 he attended the Bond University Masters Class in Wellington;In 2004 he attended the Auckland advanced program run by Judy Mares-Dixon of CDR Associates; In 2005 a two day course with Gary Fitzpatrick from Canada;In 2006 he attended American Dr Julie Turchinâ course on the Psychology of Mediation and Negotiation.In 2008 he attended a course by American J Anderson Little Negotiating claims for money; In 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 he attended conferences on dispute resolution. In 2011 he trained with Robert Benjamin, a leading mediator from the United States. 

He was involved in LEADR at either a local or national level for some of the time since his initial training, including being on the Board.. He has also assisted with training for that organisation and the Resolution Institute, and presented lectures and seminars on the subject for other organisations, including the New Zealand Law Society. He has even taught in overseas jurisdictions.















Experience and qualifications


Postgraduate Diploma in Law

Fellow Resolution Institute (FRI)

Associate member of AMINZ

Australasian National Mediation Accreditation (NMAS)

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