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Resolution Institute membership provides members with post-nominals. Post-nominals provide assurance that the practitioners are connected with a dispute resolution organisation of repute. Where accreditations are signalled by post-nominals they also indicate the credentials that underpin the practitioner's practice.

Membership post-nominals

FRI - Fellow of Resolution Institute

AFRI - Associate Fellow of Resolution Institute

PRI - Professional member of Resolution Institute

APRI - Associate Professional member of Resolution Institute

ARI - Associate member of Resolution Institute

RJPRI - Restorative Justice Professional member of Resolution Institute

IRI - International member of Resolution Institute

Accreditations and post-nominals

Accreditations held can be added to the membership post-nominals qualifications, without brackets and separated by commas. Some of the Resolution Institute accreditations that can be included in post-nominals are:

Arb 1 or Arb 2 or Arb 3 - Arbitrator grading 1, 2 or 3

Med or AdvMed - Mediator accreditation, Advanced Mediator accreditation

Adj - Accredited adjudicator

CMC - Conflict management coaching accreditation

FDRP - Family dispute resolution provider/practitioner accreditation

NMAS - National Mediator Accreditation System accreditation

RJ, AdvRJ, RJSO, RJFV - Restorative justice facilitator accreditation, restorative justice facilitator advanced accreditation, specialist endorsement for working with sexual offending, specialist endorsement for working with family violence.

For example:

  • A Professional member with advanced mediator accreditation and conflict management coaching accreditation would be PRIAdvMed,CMC
  • A Fellow with arbitrator level 1 grading would be FRIArb1