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The main focus of the conference is 90 minute workshop sessions to allow greater topic depth. Workshops are focused on specific skills or learning that you can incorporate into the facilitation/mediation/dispute resolution practice work you do. Workshop presenters have presentation and training skills to ensure the workshop sessions deliver both content you can use in your practice and interactive learning.

This isn't the complete workshop list! More coming soon....

Brain science of conflict for adults (focused on the client in the room) Kathryn Berkett

Brain science of conflict for children (developmental stages) Kathryn Berkett

Building a mediation career Panel facilitated by Hayden Wilson

Chess v draughts: cross culture dispute resolution Everard Halbert

Conciliation conferences - changing the frame Simon Roughton & Moira Ransom

Evaluating our own practice – are we kidding ourselves? Moira Ransom

Is your business safe? – Using risk analysis to increase success Trevor Slater

Making the first call: Finding the words that will encourage people to take the next step in restorative justice (or any DR process) Jennifer Parker

Right question, right approach, right moment: The 'what' and 'how' of questioning Paul Hutcheson

Brain science of ‘self-care’ for the dispute resolution practitioner Kathryn Berkett

Square peg, round hole - negotiating a legitimate space for cross-cultural decision-making? Sarah M Blake

The art of engagement Janine Carroll

The mediator’s role in agreement and closure Anna Quinn

Using mediation skills and technology for facilitating large group consultation Phillip Hart

When mediation goes bad Nina Khouri