Resolution Institute conference

Spotlight on practice

16–17 October 2019, Wellington NZ

Jane Schaverien

Jane Schaverien has been mediating in a variety of fields since 1987...

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Jill Goldson and Nicola Taylor

Jill and Nicola will be presenting on the voice of the child in family dispute resolution...

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Jon Everest

Jon Everest is an accredited FDR Mediator and Restorative Justice Facilitator ...

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Judi Jones

Judi Jones is the Electricity and Gas Complaints Commissioner...

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Judy Dell and Peter Franks

Judy and Peter will be presenting on the strategic use of private sessions in mediation ...

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Julia Hennessy

​Julia Hennessy is the General Manager for Presbyterian Support Central Family Works...

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Lawyers in Mediation:

Panel session with Mark Beech, Christine Meechan, Carol Powell, Annabel Shaw and Warren Sowerby facilitated by Paul Hutcheson

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Ngaio Merrick

Ngaio Merrick is currently managing Sir David Levene's investment portfolio...

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Nina Harding

Nina Harding has over 20 years experience in resolving business and public interest disputes...

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Paul Sills

Paul Sills is a qualified barrister with 20 years' experience ...

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