Nomination Application for Dispute Resolver

This application form covers the nomination of dispute resolvers for mediations, arbitrations and expert determinations. 

This form requires the following information:

Note: You cannot save this form. Therefore, make sure to have all the below information before beginning.

  • Contact details of ALL parties and legal representatives (name, email, phone number, postal address, etc)
  • Amount disputed,
  • Area of dispute
  • Brief outline of dispute.

Please also attach: Dispute Resolution clause (if any), Notice of dispute and any other relevant documentation. This MUST be in PDF format. 

Choose Type of Dispute Resolver

Arbitrator - ARB
Expert Determiner - EXP
Mediator (by contract, court/ tribunal order, statute or regulation) - MED
Mediator (by mutual agreement) - MED
Conciliator - CON

NB: The two "mediator" options refer only to the circumstances which brought parties to mediation. There is no difference in mediator type nominated. 

Party 1 Details

NB: Only parties to the dispute should be listed on this form. 

NB. This email address is the only address to which invoices and results will be automatically sent. If you desire copies of either results or invoices please contact after submitting this form

Party 1 Representative Details

Other Parties

Party 2 Details

Party 2 Representative Details

Party 3 Details

Party 3 Representative Details

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