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Nomination Application for Dispute Resolver

This application form covers the nomination of dispute resolvers for mediations, arbitrations and expert determinations. 

This form requires the following information:

Note: You cannot save this form. Therefore, make sure to have all the below information before beginning.

  • Contact details of ALL parties and legal representatives (name, email, phone number, postal address, etc)
  • Amount disputed,
  • Area of dispute
  • Brief outline of dispute.

Please also attach: Dispute Resolution clause (if any), Notice of dispute and any other relevant documentation. This MUST be in PDF format. 

Choose Type of Dispute Resolver

Arbitrator - ARB
Expert Determiner - EXP
Mediator (by contract, court/ tribunal order, statute or regulation) - MED
Mediator (by mutual agreement) - MED
Conciliator - CON

NB: The two "mediator" options refer only to the circumstances which brought parties to mediation. There is no difference in mediator type nominated. 

Party 1 Details

NB: Only parties to the dispute should be listed on this form. 

Party 1 Representative Details

Other Parties

Party 2 Details

Party 2 Representative Details

Party 3 Details

Party 3 Representative Details

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