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Wellington Networking Meeting - Harassment in the Workplace

Date TBA | Resolution Institute Office, Wellington

August's Networking & PD Meeting topic...

Harassment in the Workplace

Presented by Barbara Buckett & Christina Tay

Sexual harassment in the workplace is very topical, given the recently-released report by Dame Margaret Bazley. Our presenters, Christina Tay and Barbara Buckett, will talk about the use of alternative dispute resolution and the sexual harassment cases in the legal profession which have recently attracted so much attention..

Barbara Buckett - Employment Lawyer &

Christina Tay - Restorative Justice Facilitator & Mediator

Barbara Buckett is a well-known employment law expert. She attended university in Christchurch and started her career as an advocate for the Engineers' Union. She currently practices in a boutique employment law practice in Wellington, Buckettlaw, where she is regularly called on to comment on employment law issues.

Christina Tay recently graduated with a masters in mediation and conflict resolution from Strathclyde University in the UK. Prior to this Christina gained accreditation as a restorative justice facilitator. She is a member of the NZ Press Council and has a background working in the projects and programmes environment within the public sector, along with 14 years working in the banking industry. Her restorative justice work has been published in Scottish Justice Matters, and she will shortly be published in an international mediation and arbitration journal.