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Webinar | Stuck in the middle with you: ideas about how to handle impasse in negotiation / mediation

with Peter Singer

Wednesday 20 July, 2022 | Online

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (AEST)

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Stuck in the middle with you: ideas about how to handle impasse in negotiation / mediation

We have all been at that intriguing ‘pivot point’ within a conflict where, to we intermediaries, the wise choice for the parties seems as plain as day - their BATNA is way worse than the negotiated settlement on offer – and yet, the party/parties remain dissatisfied, uncertain, or plain stubborn about something.

That something generally is a piece of the puzzle they have kept buried by ‘commission or omission’ as defined by Ken Cloke.

Like the Tarantino-revived song, you may end up thinking

“Trying to make some sense of it all,
But I see it makes no sense at all,
Is it cool to go sleep on the floor
I don’t think that I can take any more”

On the other hand, we’re able to retain that space to:

a) Assess our own thinking of how we are handling things;

b) Understand the party/parties’ thinking; or if you can

c) Go beyond reason and help the parties understand the workings of their drivers.

This session will present conflict examples that remained stuck and how the thinking and interventions of William Ury, Dan Shapiro, Ken Cloke, Marshall Rosenberg , Robert Cialdini and Columbo (Peter Falk) may help to shift impasses we all face.

After this session, you will see future negotiation blocks differently so you can help people attempt to evolve and reach agreement.

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About the speaker

Peter Singer
Facilitator | Negotiation Adviser | Change Consultant | Strategy Adviser |
Accredited Mediator | Resolution Institute Fellow

Peter Singer says “I’ve arrived at my current conflict resolution career through what may be deemed as a very unconventional path –

  • A furniture, electric and toy sales person at Waltons Department Store from my early teens;
  • Volunteer Youth Leader in my later teens;
  • A Porter for a prestigious private Brisbane Hotel;
  • A photographer at the Brisbane Royal National Exhibition (Ekka);
  • Computer Programmer (who just did not fit in);
  • A successful IT Recruitment Business owner (along with my 2 brothers) employing over 100 staff and 300 subcontractors;
  • A failed web-based business idea;
  • A Business Transition Consultant and adviser-negotiator for a large family business within the fuel/retail-FMCG industry, aligned with Caltex;
  • a creator of a national dispute resolution network being a subsidiary of an Employee Assistance Program Company;
  • a part-time lecturer in entrepreneurship at RMIT;
  • Mediation Coach, Assessor, Course facilitator for LEADR, Resolution Institute and Monash University

Most of these earlier roles (whether small-medium sized businesses, private, family, corporate, and government organisations) highlighted to me the magic and unpredictability of people as well as the dearth of negotiating or handling conflict with others, I then possessed.

I studied and completed a Masters in Conflict Resolution at Latrobe University under Professor Tania Sourdin and started working on building a conflict resolution practice – and today I sit on several government panels and handle disputes in whatever industry or issue people trust me to help them with. Since my Masters, I have continued my learning in many fields related to people behaviour. I am very grateful for the icons in our field of work who provide inspiration and insight into the interactions and interventions I have come to adopt.

I would love to work in International Disputes and if possible, use my studies in Photography, to work as a facilitator/documenter in conflict zones”.

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