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On demand | Webinar | Collaborative practice for wills and estates – a new way to help families resolve conflict over inheritance

with Zinta Harris

On demand | Online
'Zinta shares her passion for this more caring and constructive approach to resolving conflict over inheritance'

Join collaborative estates lawyer, Zinta Harris, who talks about the expansion of collaborative practice into wills and estates and the opportunities this new dispute resolution model presents for experienced mediators.

During the presentation, Zinta explains the theory and understanding of collaborative practice as an early-intervention, staged facilitation conflict resolution model and will explore its applications in wills and estates dispute resolution in both pre-death and post-death contexts. She outlines the differing roles of each member of the interdisciplinary professional team within the collaborative process. Zinta also explores the challenges that the multi-party and multi-capacity realms of wills and estates work can raise and the key roles an experienced mediator/communications coach can play in this newly emerging estate dispute resolution practice.

This webinar is for lawyers, counsellors and dispute resolution practitioners who interact with families wishing to prevent or resolve disputes over inheritance.

The link to the recording of this webinar will remain active for at least 3 months from the date of purchase. We continue to consult with the given presenter as to whether extended availability is possible. We are therefore not able to guarantee access beyond 3 months.

About the speaker

Zinta Harris

Zinta Harris is the owner of Resolve Estate Law, a Brisbane-based Accredited Succession Law & Business Law Specialist, Collaborative Lawyer, and Mediator.

Zinta is passionate about brokering peaceful resolutions to family disputes over inheritance so that “family wars” are avoided. With almost 25 years practising as a wills and estates lawyer, Zinta has seen firsthand the impact of estate battles on hundreds of families. This has motivated Zinta to search for more compassionate ways to help families navigate estate disputes and has more recently led to her developing a collaborative practice dispute resolution model for wills and estates matters.

Zinta was named the 2019 Women Law Association of Queensland Trailblazer of the Year and Lawyers Weekly 2019 Sole Practitioner of the Year for her work in this area.

Zinta has authored “Rest in Peace – how to manage an estate dispute without inheriting heartache” awarded the Australian Book Awards’ ‘Best General Business Book’ 2019, now running Australia’s only training for Wills and Estates Collaborative Practice nationally.