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With Trevor Slater

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Everyone, one day, will have a complaint made to them. It may be a small one or something of a serious nature. When this happens, it can be very challenging to know what steps to take and how to resolve the complaint. How you react at that time will determine a good or a poor outcome.

In this webinar Trevor discusses:

  • Your first reaction when a complaint is received
  • What people want when they complain
  • A simple step-by-step complaint process
  • The importance of establishing ‘what’ the client wants
  • Why changing perspective can make all the difference
  • The ‘Mum Test’
  • An example of a poor process and the ramifications
  • Communicating to get your message through

The content of this webinar is useful for anyone practising as a dispute resolver, whether facilitative or determinative.

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About the speaker

Trevor Slater
Chief Operating Officer, Resolution Institute
Experienced commercial mediator, negotiator and trainer

Trevor Slater is a highly qualified and experienced commercial mediator, negotiator and experienced trainer. He holds a Masters’ Degree in Conflict Resolution from La Trobe University and a Diploma of Business – Frontline Management from the Australian Institute of Management.

Trevor has a vast experience in complaints handling having worked in this field for many years. He co-created Financial Service Complaints Limited, was Scheme Manager for Financial Dispute Resolution Service, co-author of the Australian and New Zealand Standard on complaint handling and member of the expert panel for the Government Centre for Dispute Resolution’s complaint principles programme. He has conducted many workshops on complaint handling in New Zealand, Australia, the UK as well as being invited to train the staff at the South African Ombudsman for Long Term Insurance.