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On demand | Webinar | Leadership and crisis management

with Sue Wells

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A relaxed informal conversation style of webinar offering wisdom, humour and humanity

A conversation about how to lead through crisis. Trevor Slater (General Manager, Resolution Institute, NZ) will interview Sue Wells (Executive Director of AMINZ) who has been in leadership roles through more than her fair share of crises, including her time as a City Councillor during the Christchurch earthquakes (see more in Sue’s bio below).

This webinar has guidance for all about how to lead yourself and others through times of crisis.

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About the presenter

Sue Wells
AMINZ Executive Director

Sue Wells has been in leadership roles for more than her fair share of crises.

She was a Christchurch City Councillor from 1998-2013 and lead the City’s Regulatory and Planning Committee during the earthquake terms. As former broadcaster on CTV, she attended 15 funerals in that time, losing colleagues and friends in the building she had worked in.

Sue went back to CTV in 2011 as a volunteer, working as a shopping show presenter to get the station back on air.

In her time on Council she also chaired the Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Management Group, was influential in the development of the group plan and pushed for a review of the national legislation which underpins how emergencies are managed.

Sue also worked as biosecurity response manager for Potatoes New Zealand (yes, it’s a thing) and in that role supported a tiny organisation develop and implement a business plan and culture that took it though the crisis of a biosecurity incursion.