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On demand | Webinar | Without the ‘whites of their eyes’: resolving disputes on the telephone

with Sarah Ramsay and Trevor Slater

On demand | Online

Excellent, very practical tips and pointers. Great presenters!

Although I have been conducting telephone conferences for about 20 years I found this very interesting and learnt new tricks

With the context of COVID-19 we’re aware that many more dispute resolution practitioners will be grappling with resolving disputes over the telephone.

Telephone dispute resolution poses a unique set of challenges for practitioners. How do you build rapport with parties? How do you integrate private sessions? How do you support the parties to truly hear and understand each other when they can’t see the ‘whites of their eyes’?

Conducting dispute resolution on the phone requires additional processes, skills and considerations.

Sarah Ramsay and Trevor Slater shared their insights about:

  • what a good telephone dispute resolution process looks like

  • the skills required for this context to develop and practice

  • and what some of the challenges are ‘on the phone’ and how to overcome them.

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About the speakers

Sarah Ramsay
Regulatory Services Manager
Real Estate Authority, NZ

Sarah’s background is complaint resolution in a statutory context. She currently leads the Early Resolution team at the Real Estate Authority (in New Zealand). In 2014 she received the LEADR practitioner award for achievement by an emerging mediator. Sarah is a mediation coach and assessor for Resolution Institute.

Trevor Slater
General Manager, NZ
Resolution Institute

As well as being General Manager of Resolution Institute NZ, Trevor has extensive experience as a commercial mediator, negotiator and trainer. He holds a Masters’ Degree in Conflict Resolution from La Trobe University and a Diploma of Business – Frontline Management from the Australian Institute of Management. Trevor is also a Senior Associate of the Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance.