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With Rosemary Howell

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“An excellent and thought provoking presentation. Looking forward to getting the slides so I can chase down the references for further reading and understanding.”

Mediation training encourages active listening and acknowledges that emotions have a legitimate place in the process. However, sometimes encouraging parties to share how they see things and the emotions they are experiencing legitimises combative behaviour and personal attacks.

This webinar explores the tools available to mediators to help them strengthen their ability to differentiate between constructive and unconstructive consideration of emotion, in order to maximise potential for resolution.

It explores the difference between identifying an emotion which signals a previously unidentified interest (which may offer a key to resolution) as distinct from an emotion which promotes the opening up of old or unrelated wounds that may impede resolution.

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About the speaker

Dr Rosemary Howell
Professorial Fellow NSW,
Senior Fellow, Melbourne University

Strategic Action and Strategic Resolution

Rosemary has experience as a lawyer, strategic planner, teacher and CEO and has served a term as Secretary General of the Law Council of Australia. Her doctorate scrutinises lawyers in negotiation. She delivers dispute resolution, facilitation, and coaching services to a diverse range of national and international clients through her businesses Strategic Action and Strategic Resolution.

She is a Professorial Fellow at UNSW Sydney and a Senior Fellow at Melbourne University teaching Dispute Resolution to undergraduates and Mediation and Negotiation to postgraduates.

The 2020 International Who’s Who of Mediation names Rosemary as an international thought leader and 2020 Who’s Who Australia places her among the top mediators in Australia.

Rosemary's LinkedIn profile may be viewed at https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-rosemary-howell-b697ba/