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On demand | Webinar | Working with organisations, building alignments and making plans: a model for mediators to decode, strategise, develop plans and resolve conflict in organisations

with Nina Harding and Peter Adler

On demand | Online

“An excellent presentation by two very knowledgeable and accomplished presenters.”

Peter uses this model to achieve outcomes that combine strategy, alignment and action.

Peter describes his work with organisations and how his role is a hybrid between mediation and planning.

This webinar is targeted at practitioners who want to explore dispute resolution and strategy making, conflict resolution skills for strategising, planning and moving organisations and Government forward.

The link to the recording of this webinar will remain active for at least 3 months from the date of purchase. We continue to consult with the given presenter as to whether extended availability is possible. We are therefore not able to guarantee access beyond 3 months.

About the presenters

Dr Peter Adler


Dr Peter Adler is a planner, mediator, facilitator and principal of Accord3.0, a professional network of consultants specialising in foresight, strategy and cooperative trouble shooting.

As a mediator he assists groups to reach agreements on energy, environment and health controversies.

Peter has worked in the government, business and NGO sectors and taught Advanced Negotiation at the University of Hawaii.

For 9 years Peter was the President and CEO of The Keystone Center. Recent projects include a negotiated joint ‘fact-finding’ agreement on pesticides used by GMO corn seed produces.

Nina Harding
Nina Harding Mediation Services Pty Ltd.


Nina Harding has worked as a mediator / facilitator for over twenty-five years.

She is a Law graduate and has completed a Master of Laws.

She is a Harvard Law School trained mediator and has mediated over two thousand disputes in a variety of areas. Nina sits on numerous mediation panels and is the Australian Film Code Conciliator.