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On demand | Webinar | What MODRON can offer: the value it can add for dispute resolution professionals

with Nathan Polito

On demand | Online
An excellent introduction to the value MODRON can add for DR professionals with Nathan also answering quickfire questions from the live audience throughout.

Nathan Polito, the founder of MODRON highlights for participants, through demonstration and discussion, the features of MODRON, what MODRON offers and the value add it has, as opposed to other platforms, for dispute resolution professionals.

Participants could choose to follow up this webinar by accessing a free private demonstration and the master classes on offer.

The link to the recording of this webinar will remain active for at least 3 months from the date of purchase. We continue to consult with the given presenter as to whether extended availability is possible. We are therefore not able to guarantee access beyond 3 months.

About the presenter

Nathan Polito
Founder, MODRON

Nathan is the founder of MODRON and the creator of its innovative technology products. Nathan has over 18 years’ experience in technology development and has developed several successful projects across the finance, real estate, government and legal sectors, both nationally and internationally.