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On demand | Webinar | Adding ‘Relationship Mediation’ to your practice

with Mieke Brandon

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In this webinar Mieke Brandon discussed the purpose, process and content of ‘Relationship Mediation’ and how it can assist partners to enrich their relationship.

‘Relationship or Marital Mediation’ was developed through our understanding of systems theory used in family mediation and counselling. Mieke Brandon notes she is particularly inspired by a few American family mediators and how they use what they call ‘Marital mediation’ as part of what they call ‘Divorce mediation’. In particular Laurie Israel and Wayne Regina have contributed significantly to Mieke’s knowledge and practice application.

Mieke hopes to inspire New Zealand and Australian family mediators and others to add this to their practice as it is solution focused and will appeal to many people who would like to share their hopes and goals for the future of their relationship with each other.

Mieke outlined the process and competencies and how these intersect with the facilitative mediation approach.

Relationship Mediation


  • to help partners to stay together, stay married and/or stay living together as a family

  • to find ways of relating that are meaningful, rewarding and respectful, even if ultimately they go their separate ways

  • it is ‘task oriented and time limited, as ‘couples’ focus on their short and longer term goals to enrich their relationship

‘The mediation process is solution-focused, as one cannot change the past’

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About the speakers

Mieke Brandon
Experienced mediator, trainer, coach, assessor,
supervisor and author

Mieke BA, MSc(App) is NMAS accredited and a registered FDRP with more than 25 years’ experience in family and workplace mediation as a mediator, trainer, and supervisor.

She has taught and coached regularly at a range of organisations and universities. Mieke is a Senior Teaching and Research Member of the DRC at Bond University and member of the AMA Mediator Training Academy, Editorial Consultant ADRJ and a Director on the Resolution Institute Board 2020.

Mieke has published extensively, has presented papers and workshops at conferences in Australia and overseas and is the co-author of Mediating with Families (4th ed. Thomson Reuters, 2018), the text for FDR and all other types of family mediation.