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Webinar recording | Reflective practice and debriefing

with Mieke Brandon

pre-recorded | Online

‘Mieke shares great slides and such a useful resource, from her wisdom’

Every situation in resolving disputes is unique: expect the unexpected.

Mediators learn as they practice and use reflective practice to learn how they learn.

If we were to practice mechanistically using one tool after the other from our toolbox, we neglect or discount the unpredictable nature of human interactions. Reflective practice offers the means for taking a fresh look at our experiences as dispute resolvers. The practical objective is to become more competent through learning ‘through’ and ‘from experience’.

This webinar recording focuses on reflection from pre-mediation to post dispute resolution outcomes. Additionally, the function of debriefing and the role of the ‘debriefer’ are highlighted. This is particularly important for family mediators, as all of us are part of families and for workplace mediators to help us to separate ourselves from our clients.

This webinar recording is particularly suitable for all types of facilitative mediation approaches and is designed to provide insight and understanding about the importance of reflection and debriefing for developing ‘competency’ and ‘artistry’ in ‘what we do’ and personal well-being for ‘who we are’.

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About the presenter

Anna Quinn

Mieke Brandon

Experienced mediator, trainer and supervisor

Mieke BA, MSc(App) is NMAS accredited and a registered FDRP with more than 25 years’ experience in family and workplace mediation as a mediator, trainer, and supervisor.

She teaches and coaches regularly at a range of organisations and universities and is a NMAS assessor and a registered FDRP.

Mieke has published extensively, has presented papers and workshops at conferences in Australia and overseas and is the co-author of Mediating with Families (4th ed. Thomson Reuters, 2018), the text for FDR and all other types of family mediation.