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On demand | Webinar | Conflict resolution and suicide management: two sides of the same coin?

with Melanie Schroder

On demand | Online
Absolutely outstanding presentation - so well crafted and presented, of a somewhat 'hidden' issue

As people who manage or resolve conflict, the world we work in is a complex, diverse and ever- changing space. Our clients are in a particularly vulnerable state given the impact of conflict, the stress, distress, and often financial impacts of where they find themselves. Relationship breakdown and financial distress have been identified as two of the most significant risk factors for suicidal ideation.

In this presentation we discussed how suicide intervention has changed in the last couple of years, how motivational interviewing can be beneficial when working with suicidal clients, and how safety planning has become client driven.

Melanie discussed the CALM model of suicide intervention, share the journey in developing the model, the training packages through which this information can be shared and the apps which support this model.

Recognising anybody who may be vulnerable to suicidal ideation or thoughts, this could be your clients, your colleagues, your loved ones, or yourself, we learned about signs, strategies, and models to support keeping all safe from suicide.

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About the speaker

Anna Quinn

Melanie Schroder
Director of CALM Consulting
and Relate2u

Melanie has 25 years’ experience working across government, education, and community sector with a focus on mental health, suicide intervention / prevention and conflict resolution /peace building.

She has post graduate qualifications in counselling as well as mediation / conflict resolution and currently works with many universities and associations as an educator, counsellor, trainer, coach, and assessor.

Melanie’s professional aim is to make our communities suicide aware and more inclusive for all. Recognising the impact of conflict and the need to ensure the safety of our clients before, during and after a conflict resolution process, Melanie is focussed on supporting all to recognise signs of suicide ideation; know how to ask the question and then develop a meaningful safety plan; and or refer appropriately. She uses her lived experience and her professional learnings to ensure what is delivered is current, meaningful, and enabling.