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On demand | Webinar | Enhancing your mediation skills with Motivational Interviewing

with Megan Morris

On demand | Online
“Very practical, the examples/scenarios were really helpful in illustrating the techniques.” “ It was very useful to consider how the MI skills could be used effectively in mediation.”

Motivational Interviewing is an evidenced-based approach to assisting people explore and resolve feelings of ambivalence and uncertainty and move toward change.

This presentation includes a brief look at the psychological status of mediation participants, the rationale for using MI skills, and an overview of MI skills proven to assist participants reach agreement.

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About the speaker

Megan Morris, PhD.
Psychologist, FDRP,
Family law report writer and assessor

As a registered psychologist and an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Megan Morris has worked in human relations and psychology for more than 20 years in Australia and overseas.

Whilst working as a family dispute resolution practitioner, Megan noted a lack of research measuring the success of mediation, and the need for further support for people in conflict, particularly separated families.

In 2016 Megan completed a PhD with the School of Psychology at the University of Queensland. Her topic and specialty area of interest was separated families, and family mediation. Her PhD project included two studies of family mediation with more than 500 Australian participating families. The study compared outcomes of family mediation for families who received mediation with or without motivational interviewing. The condition that received mediation from a mediator trained in motivational interviewing skills achieved almost double the number of “full agreements” and significantly less “no agreements”, than the condition that received mediation as usual.

Megan works in private practice in Brisbane, and her work is focused on family conflict. She provides individual psychological support, mediation, child and family consultancy, family reports for family law issues and social assessments for child protection matters.