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On demand | Webinar | Online dispute resolution - How to use Microsoft TEAMS plus other practical tips and tricks

with Matthew Clayton

On demand | Online
Excellent presentation and content
Very practical thank you-- I already use Teams but still learnt a lot

This presentation is aimed at dispute resolution practitioners who are interested in providing online dispute resolution and want a quick start guide to using the Microsoft TEAMS videoconferencing platform.

Matthew has conducted hundreds of online dispute resolution meetings. He draws on this experience to explain his use of TEAMS in the transformative dispute resolution online process developed by Talk-Meet- Resolve.

Matthew demonstrated practical steps to setting up a TEAMS meeting, pre-meeting preparation, in-meeting document sharing, whiteboard use, online agreement drafting and obtaining signatures. Matthew draws from his extensive experience working with government and lay-client parties and the challenges and options for making online dispute resolution an inclusive and successful process.

Matthew also shared tips and tricks with practitioners on the basic technology and software they can use to start their online practice.

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About the speaker

Matthew Clayton
experienced Lawyer, Mediator and Adjudicator

Matthew is an experienced lawyer and adjudicator and is one of New Zealand’s leading conciliators.

Matthew has previously practiced in New Zealand and the United Kingdom and has spent the past decade working in adjudication and dispute resolution within the Accident Compensation system.

Matthew is the co-founder and director of Talk-Meet-Resolve and also sits in the Christchurch District Court as a Tenancy Tribunal Adjudicator.