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On demand | Webinar | Which Gen are you? Mediating and working across the generations

with Madeleine Taylor

On demand | Online
“Crafting a process with generational difference in mind”

Have you had trouble communicating with a work colleague or client of a different generation that you have put down to incompetence on their part?

Have you tried a range of strategies but cannot get engagement?

The working world is so different today from three months ago let alone, one year, five years 10 or 20 years ago. Madeleine Taylor, who has mediated and coached teams, managers and staff to better manage conflict in the workplace explores the generational differences, the impact of overindulgence as a factor in workplaces and strategies for coping for all of us.

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About the speaker

Madeleine Taylor
Mediator, Trainer, Coach, Social Worker, Author

Madeleine completed her social work degree at Massey University in 1979. She then worked for 6 years as a social worker (at Waikato Hospital and Psychiatric Unit at Wellington Hospital). Later working in local government where she worked with teams, managers and staff helping to manage difficult and stressful situations.

Madeleine began working in private practice part time in 1995.

Madeleine is a certified mediator, a member of the Resolution Institute, ANZASW member, registered social worker and worked with Conflict Management NZ for over 10 years.

Co-author of “The Business of People – Leadership for a Changing World” –2020.

Madeleine has been married to Wayne for years, they have three sons and one cat.