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On demand | Webinar | Bringing ‘Eldercaring Coordination’ to Australia: meeting the needs of older adults and families in conflict (run in partnership with EMAN)

with Linda Fieldstone, Michelle Morley, Sue Bronson, Dr Dale Bagshaw

On demand | Online
“A great initiative which would be welcome in Australia and NZ.”

Families do not age out of conflict. According to the World Health Organization, one in six elders experiences some form of abuse, with only 1 in 24 cases reported. Analysis of 2 years of data from Seniors Rights Victoria revealed that 92% of abuse was by a family member and 67% by an adult child (Joosten et al. 2015).

Families experiencing high conflict require a different dispute resolution process suited to their unique needs. Eldercaring coordination, specifically developed to address conflict in older families, protects elders from the deleterious effects of family conflict and can provide stability for all the generations within the family.

Stakeholders are in planning stages to offer eldercaring coordination in Australia. Learn about the process, how it differs from elder mediation, the qualifications necessary to be an eldercaring coordinator, and how you can help to bring eldercaring coordination to the families you serve.

This webinar is run in partnership with EMAN (Elder Mediation Australasian Network)

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About the speakers

Linda Fieldstone, M.Ed.

Ms. Fieldstone is Co-Chair of the ACR/FLAFCC Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination, is past President of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts (AFCC) and its Florida Chapter, Secretary of the AFCC Task Force on Parenting Coordination 2005 and recorder for the 2019 Task Force to update the Guidelines.

Ms. Fieldstone is former Supervisor of Family Court Services, 11th Judicial Circuit, Miami-Dade County, Florida, working with families experiencing high conflict for 26 years. She was instrumental in the development of parenting coordination statewide, in the US and internationally and presented at the 6th World Congress on Family Law and Children’s rights in Sydney, Australia, in 2013, to initiate its development there.

She was workgroup lead for the AFCC Access to Justice project, and has provided training on court services and triage throughout the US and for development of programs in 10 other countries. Ms. Fieldstone has been involved in research, lectured internationally, and written articles on high conflict family dispute resolution.

She is on the Florida Supreme Court Rules and Policy Committee and received the Sharon Press Excellence in ADR Award from the Florida Supreme Court in 2018 for her “visionary leadership, professional integrity, unwavering devotion to ADR.”

Michelle Morley
Circuit Judge since 2007

Judge Morley graduated Stetson University College of Law. Judge Morley has served as a certified family court and civil circuit mediator, an arbitrator and as a guardian ad litem. In 2019, Judge Morley was inducted into the Stetson University College of Law Hall of Fame.

Judge Morley is Chair-Elect of the Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission. She also serves on the Parenting Coordinator Disciplinary Review Board, Florida Court Education Council, Education Committee of the Florida Conference of Circuit Court Judges and is Chair of the Probate Section.

She is on the U. S. Department of Justice Elder Abuse Intervention Model Advisory Board. She has presented at the International Federation on Aging Global Consortium, Australian National Mediation Conference, AFCC Annual International Conference, FLAFCC Annual State Conference, Florida Conference of Circuit Court Judges Annual Conference, College of Advanced Judicial Studies, Florida Judicial College, National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges Annual Conference, National College of Probate Judges, Florida Department of Children and Families Services Annual Summit, Ohio Supreme Court, Idaho Magistrate Judges Conference, and at various mediation training programs.

She is currently a Co-Chair of the Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination.

Sue Bronson, LCSW

Sue is a pioneer in mediation since 1983 and now is the co-chair of the ACR Elder Justice Initiative on Eldercaring Coordination.

Sue has extensive experience building cooperation between highly conflictual parties in creating parenting plans, family and elder care disagreements, workplace disputes, and special education concerns. Sue is an instructor of mediation courses at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, a speaker at numerous conferences and webinars, and the lead trainer for eldercaring coordinators.

She served as a committee chair for the American Bar Association Elder Abuse Screening Guidelines for Elder Mediators (2020). She is past chair of the Association for Conflict Resolution Family section and the Elder Section and a charter member of the Wisconsin Association of Mediators. There are many articles and chapters in books written by Sue (along with others) and she was the producer for several videos on eldercaring coordination including Eldercaring Coordination “I just want my family to get along” on YouTube. In addition, Sue provided individual and couple therapy for 35 years.

She enjoys working/playing with her dog in obedience and agility.

About the moderator

This webinar will be moderated by

Dr Dale Bagshaw
Adjunct Associate Professor,
University of South Australia

Dale is a nationally accredited mediator and an internationally Certified Elder Mediator (Advanced) with EMIN. In 2013, she initiated and now Chairs the Elder Mediation Australasian Network (EMAN), is a Board member of the Elder Mediation International Network (EMIN) and a longstanding Member of the SA Health Department’s ‘Safeguarding the Rights on Older Adults’ Steering Committee.

She was previously a Head of School, Social Work and Social Policy at UniSA and was the Program Director for postgraduate courses in Mediation and Conflict Resolution from 1993 until she retired in 2009.

Dale has been the President of the Asia Pacific Mediation Forum since 2001, which has organised 9 conferences in the region. She has published 10 major research reports (including on elder abuse and elder mediation), 19 book chapters and 36 refereed journal articles, co-authored two books, presented approximately 100 national and international conference papers and has trained mediators in 11 different countries.

Since her retirement from UniSA she has been a Visiting Professor and Examiner for the Mediation and Conflict Transformation Program at the National University of Ireland and more recently has conducted many elder mediation training programs in Australia and NZ.

Dale has received many awards for her pioneering work in the mediation field including the Association for Conflict Resolution's John Haynes Distinguished Mediator Award (2019), the Resolution Institute Practitioners’ Award (2015), the LEADR Michael Klug Award (2014), and EMIN’s Sherren Award (2013) for her leadership and knowledge sharing with regard to research and best practice in elder mediation.