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On demand | Webinar | Self-Determination in mediation: practice meets theory meeting practice

with Laurence Boulle

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The literature and standards on mediation regard party self-determination as a key value proposition of the system. In many practice contexts, however, this is not a realistic expectation of the mediation process. This is because of time pressure, lack of information, disparities in bargaining power, social and cognitive biases, difficulties in assessing risk and limitations of advice and wise judgment.

  • The webinar first described the meanings of self-determination.
  • It then identified four factors that could undermine the principle in practice.
  • Finally, through a series of case studies and immodest personal anecdotes the webinar considered ways of maintaining and promoting the principle.

Laurence developed ideas he and Rachael Field presented on this topic at the 2019 National Mediation Conference.

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About the speaker

Anna Quinn

Laurence Boulle
Mediator, Author, Teacher and Coach

Laurence has been mediating for 25 years in many different areas of practice. He has published extensively on mediation and dispute resolution, his books appearing in separate editions in New Zealand and Australia and in five other jurisdictions.

He has been a member (part-time) of the National Native Title Tribunal and served as chair of NADRAC, the MSB, the NMC and ADRA, and he was the Resolution Institute (Leadr) Fellow for two years. Laurence established the Dispute Resolution Centre at Bond University and still teaches in its programs. He has current academic appointments at Newcastle University, Bond University and Australian Catholic University, Sydney.