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Webinar recording | Activating calm in the COVID storm: the neurobiology of self-care and managing stress for ourselves and our clients

with Kathryn Berkett

pre-recorded | Online

Loved Kathryn's input and energy, kept me in the green brain to focus and absorb it all :)

Thank you for providing help for such a topical subject

Interesting and informative, so thank you.

Previously, resolution work was primarily face-to-face, allowing us to be physically present with those we are working with. When we were physically present, we would naturally identify the non-verbal cues of those around us, and we could communicate non-verbally with our own behaviour. Much of this was done intuitively, because we have grown up, learnt and developed in physically present situations.

This new Covid-19 environment requires different communication mediums such as Zoom, Skype etc, or even conversations via the phone. It means we cannot be physically present. This requires us to be more explicitly aware of the non-verbal signs we are looking for. It also requires some pre-thought, such as how do we set up the screens, how much of the body do we need to see to be aware of stress activations etc. All of these are new learnings for this new world. This training will help you move what you already know from the intrinsic, to the explicit, allowing you to be more attuned and responsive to those online. Online will never be as effective as being physically present, but we can get as close as possible through knowledge and training.

Through understanding the neurobiology of the stress response, and of the all-important opposite reaction of activating calm, we can become more aware of ourselves and others in a way that will increase communication and productivity. Prefaced off the simple (but still incredibly important) neuroscientific fact that: feeling safe is a primary need, we will unpack how to create safety for ourselves and others. We will discover how easily our brain detects threat, and what this threat detection does to our thoughts, behaviours and even health. After this, you will take stress more seriously. You will also be better equipped to identify stress, activate calm, and create a space that will encourage positive interaction from those you are interacting with.

Kathryn has spent over twenty years of her life studying this information, so who better to connect with in these uncertain times. The more information we have, the more power we have.

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About the speaker

Kathryn Berkett

Kathryn Berkett of ENGAGE, an internationally recognised presenter specializing in understanding the impact stress/trauma can have on the brain.

Kathryn has a Masters in Educational Psychology, and has certified as a Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics practitioner with Dr Perry. She has worked and trained in this area for over sixteen years, working with, and delivering to a variety of organisations nationally and internationally, including Primary and Secondary Teachers; the Police; Oranga Tamariki; Prisons; RTLB; Kindergartens; Parents; Recreation Groups; Mental Health Professionals; Politicians; and Corporates. She also presented for Resolution Institute at the ‘Spotlight on practice’ conference in 2018.