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On demand | Webinar | The philosophy and practice of restorative engagement

with Janine Carroll

On demand | Online

Purchase this webinar to consider the context of Restorative Practice highlighting the concepts of ownership of conflict situations, the rightness and wrongness of actions, empathy and remorse, culpability and atonement.

"Janine offers such a useful step by step framework to enhance participant engagement in restorative practice. She speaks and guides so fluently from a wealth of experience."

In recognising the imperative of the conflicted parties’ ‘buy-in’ to a process, we will explore the practitioner ‘art of engagement’ at the individual meeting stage.

As practitioners:

  • what are we doing with what we are hearing?
  • how do we receive participant’s answers to our questions and use these to engage buy-in?
  • why is it so important that participation be the individual’s idea, rather than the practitioner’s?

This webinar will explore these key areas of practice, alongside the skill set required to bring parties to both a recognition of the potential in dialogue and their acknowledgement of whom it is they need to talk with. This is the ‘art of engagement’, one that provides the forum for an individual to chart their journey, rather than being directed in this walk.

The content of this webinar will be of interest to all those involved in Restorative Justice, Restorative Practice and dispute resolvers who are using or are curious as to how they might use, Restorative Practice in their work.

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About the presenter

Janine Carroll

Janine is a trainer in Restorative Practice, an implementer of Restorative culture change and a facilitator of Restorative engagement. She is the Director of Restorative Now.

Janine Carroll has 30 years’ experience in Restorative Practice across the criminal justice, education and community agency sectors, much of this gained in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She also delivers Restorative Practice training to education and charity groups in South East Asia. Her more recent UK work has focused on the use of Restorative Practice to address young people’s harmful sexual behaviour and violent behaviour in the home; an initial programme of training and implementation of Restorative Practice in maternity services within a London teaching hospital; and the addressing of historical abuse issues within faith-based communities.