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On demand | Webinar | Integrative Law for Family Lawyers, Mediators, FDRPs and allied professionals – new ways for law in support of human resilience; practitioners and clients

with J Kim Wright, Timothy McMichael, Margaret Ross, Greg Rooney, Yildiz Sethi and Dianne Martin

On demand | Online

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Integrative law is an international movement that responds to the challenges of law practice with creative, innovative solutions. It blends the human and the analytical. The approach spans personal and systemic change. Integrative lawyers are purpose-oriented, that is, they have a clear sense of their own purpose and the purpose of law; they have a broader view of their roles as lawyers, often seeing themselves as change agents; and they are innovative, looking for ways to serve clients and themselves.”

J Kim Wright in Lawyers Weekly, Australia, 2012.

Five Australian and New Zealand professionals come together with US Expert J Kim Wright to discuss four pillars of the global law movement:

  • Integrative Lawyers as integrative, reflective professionals;

  • Integrative Lawyers as practitioners guided by purpose and values;

  • Integrative Lawyers as system thinkers and designers;

  • Integrative Lawyers as harbingers of a new cultural consciousness and leaders in social evolution.

This Webinar recording is an exercise in Integrative Law in action. Learn how these practitioners have responded to practice challenges by developing their own unique models and discover the tools you can use to chart your family practice pathway.

For family lawyers, mediators, dispute resolution providers, conflict management coaches and system change agents and designers.

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About the speakers

J Kim Wright
Author, Trainer, Coach,
First called to the bar in 1989, Kim Wright’s career has been focused on humanistic, relational approaches in law. From mediation and collaborative divorce to restorative justice; values-based contracts to therapeutic jurisprudence; plain language to legal design, she has practiced, pioneered, and promoted models and ideas for peacemaking, changemaking, and healing in the legal system. These approaches have collectively come to be known as Integrative Law.

Timothy McMichael
Mediator, FDRP, Counsellor, Therapist, Supervisor for Mediators
and Conflict Management Coach

Timothy is a Fellow of Resolution.Institute and a Trans-Tasman multi award winning professional working as a Mediator, Celebrant, Supervisor, Balint group leader and Therapist with over 30 years experience in his field of work. He is widely trained in his chosen profession having studied in the United Kingdom, California and in his home country here in New Zealand. He has significant experience of establishing and then supporting a range of differing services for various Non Government Organisations.

Margaret Ross
Barrister, Mediator, Supervisor for Mediators and Conflict Management
CoachMargaret Ross is a barrister and mediator in Australia, where she has been a legal practitioner for 34 years and a mediator for 29 years. She has mediated in excess of 1,000 disputes since 1990. She specialises in Family Law, Mediation and Dispute Management in a wide area of disputes.

Margaret is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She is a member of the National board of AIFLAM (Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators) and is a member of several Mediation panels, including the Advanced Panel of LEADR Mediators, the Office of the Mediation Adviser, the Law Society and Supreme Court of South Australia Panels, Flinders University and the Catholic and Anglican Churches and the Australian Defence Force.

She has conducted dispute resolution and mediation courses for several Universities and has co-designed and facilitated dispute resolution courses for government and non-government organisations in Australia. Margaret has presented at a number of conferences in relation to mediation and the law and has published several papers on this area.


Greg Rooney
Mediator, Arbitrator, Facilitator, Consultant, Trainer

Greg Rooney has been a practicing mediator in Australia since 1991. He has mediated more than 1,500 disputes in a diverse range of conflicts including multi-party disputes involving government institutions, commercial and industrial disputes, agricultural disputes, franchise disputes, matrimonial disputes and disputes involving conflict in the workplace.

Greg is a Director of the Mediator Standards Board that regulates the Australian National Mediation Accreditation Scheme. He has since 2004 conducted over 200 face-to-face meetings between religious and military leaders and individual survivors of sexual abuse in religious, government institutions and orphanages as well as abuse within the Australian Defence Forces.
He has lectured in mediation, dispute system design and project Alliancing in a number of Australian universities, including the University of Queensland and Southern Cross University. Greg has conducted dispute resolution training for a number of public and private Australian institutions. He has conducted mediation training and retreats in Australia, Europe, Asia and North America. He has published papers on a number of mediation-based topics in a number of national and international journals copies of which can be downloaded from his website.


Yildiz Sethi
Psychotherapist, Systemic Family Constellation Practitioner and Trainer, Founder, Practitioner and Trainer of Rapid Core Healing and Emotional Mind Integration, Author

Yildiz Sethi is an innovator and founder of psychotherapy and a Family Constellation practitioner. She has drawn on her diverse knowledge and experience in creating unique approaches as a Brief Therapist over twenty years of private practice in Relationships, (family and couples), mental health and trauma recovery. Yildiz came from a science teaching background, where she utilised her curiosity in sourcing the most effective ways to work with the mind and relationships. This led her to the exploration of many therapeutic styles and the creation of Emotional Mind Integration and Rapid Core Healing which she presents in her book Rapid Core Healing. The modalities she sourced and developed are deeply foundational in that they address the core dynamics of what is required for human wellness and how their absence results in dysfunction and are appropriate for the treatment of a diverse range of mind and relationship issues.

Director of Family Constellations P/L, Innovator and practitioner of New Dawn Recovery From Sexual Abuse, where she offers short term treatment for trauma of sexual abuse and PTSD.

Yildiz offers practitioner training in Systemic Family Constellations, Emotional Mind Integration, Rapid Core Healing, Recovery From Sexual Abuse and Family Constellations workshops for the public. Her trainings are foundational in that they may be applied to many areas of human experience and are particularly well-placed for mediation in family law.


Dianne Martin
Former Barrister, Mediator, Constellator, Complementary Therapist and Conflict Management Coach

From 2008 to 2019 Dianne was a Barrister Sole specialising in family law and running a full service legal aid practice (litigation, family dispute resolution and family legal advice service) in Auckland and Northland New Zealand. She was a member of the Auckland District Law Society Incs Family Law Committee for five years in the lead-up to the reforms which involved substantial advocacy. She has prepared professional development seminars and published on policy and legislative reform. Her energy is now directed to early intervention family dispute resolution processes.