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On demand | Webinar | How to make Zoom work for you in dispute resolution

with Hayden Wilson

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Thanks for sharing your professional experience when many of us are struggling to upskill .Much appreciated
Really great presentation - presenter was fantastic

Hayden Wilson, Mediator and Partner at Dentons Kensington Swan talks through the 'how' of using Zoom in dispute resolution, the tips, the challenges and considerations.

This is one of our ‘responding to change’ webinars and free to all.

The link to the recording of this webinar will remain active for at least 3 months from the date of purchase. We continue to consult with the given presenter as to whether extended availability is possible. We are therefore not able to guarantee access beyond 3 months.

About the speaker

Anna Quinn

Hayden Wilson
Partner and Mediator,
Dentons Kensington Swan
New Zealand

Hayden Wilson is a partner at Dentons Kensington Swan and leads their Government and Regulatory team. Hayden specialises in helping government agencies and private sector organisations that work closely with government to resolve complex disputes and navigate through the often complex process of working with the public sector. Hayden and his team also provide crisis management support and advice in relation to government or regulatory investigations, inquiries or prosecutions.

As well as litigation, Hayden practices as a mediator with specialisation in commercial and public law disputes. Hayden initially trained with LEADR (as Resolution Institute then was) and completed further training with Pepperdine University in California, and most recently completed the Advanced Mediation - Mediating Complex Dispute programme at Harvard University.