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Webinar recording | The future of ODR: what are the benefits and drawbacks of F2F negotiation, and its applicability to future ODR design?

with Emilia Bellucci

pre-recorded | Online
Emilia shares her passion and insight about the potential benefits of ODR and how these could be maximised.

Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) systems provide support to negotiations by facilitating communication online and in some circumstances even provide solutions to the dispute. An ODR is considered successful if the outcome represents a similar or better outcome to an ADR process, inferring ODR processes should mimic F2F negotiations. This research aims to understand why F2F negotiation the preferred option for negotiation. Do F2F negotiations achieve better outcomes?

In attempting to answers these questions, we need to understand the seminal differences between communicating electronically and in person. These include the use of verbal and non-verbal cues to express ideas, solutions and feedback. Emotion is key in negotiation, but not all emotions are helpful in resolving disputes or in benefiting future relationships between the disputants. Research suggests positive emotions expressed during the negotiation result in good outcomes, while negative emotions affect negotiations adversely.

Dr Bellucci shared her findings to date with webinar participants in answer to these key questions and talked more about the implications this research has for designing ODR systems which apply the positive aspects of F2F negotiation to an online mediation.

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About the speaker

Anna Quinn

Dr Emilia Bellucci
Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and
Researcher in Online Dispute Resolution

Dr. Emilia Bellucci is a Senior lecturer in the Department of Information Systems and Business Analytics at Deakin University, Melbourne Australia. Her major research area is in Online Dispute Resolution Systems with a particular focus on electronic support of family law negotiation and mediations.

Emilia completed her PhD in 2004, under the supervision of Professor John Zeleznikow, and resulted in the “Family Winner” computer program which was designed to settle family law disputes. Family Winner was the focus of much media in 2005 with a number of newspaper articles, radio station interviews and television appearances including a win on the science and technology television program, ABC’s “New Inventors”.

Since then, Dr. Bellucci has conducted research in various domains such as e-health, small to medium enterprises and the law. Her focus on Online Dispute Resolution underlies her research to make justice (through negotiated outcomes) and ODR accessible to all. Dr. Bellucci has published 16 refereed international journal articles, 3 book chapters and 29 refereed conference papers. She has attended and presented her research at numerous international conferences and workshops.

Twitter: @EmiliaBellucci
LinkedIn: Emilia Bellucci, Senior Lecturer at Deakin University Melbourne, Australia