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On demand | Webinar | What is ‘Conflict Management Coaching’ and how is it being used in the DR field?

with Cinnie Noble

On demand | Online

What is ‘Conflict Management Coaching’ and how is it being used in the DR field?

Conflict Management Coaching (aka conflict coaching) has grown exponentially since the early 2000’s. This process provides a methodology that assists people to independently manage their interpersonal disputes, or to more confidently engage in mediation and other DR process.

In this hour-long webinar Cinnie Noble - a pioneer of this process - further defines this specialized conflict management process and discuss its applications in the field of DR. Registrants will also hear:

  • what the discipline of coaching is and what it is not

  • why conflict management coaching was developed

  • why mediators and lawyers find the process to be a useful technique to add to their DR toolboxes

  • examples of real situations and how conflict coaching was used

More information may be found on www.cinergycoaching.com

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About the speaker

Cinnie Noble
LL.B., LL.M. (DR), C.Med., PCC


Cinnie Noble – a former lawyer - is a Certified Mediator and a Professional Certified Coach who developed the CINERGY model of Conflict Management Coaching in 1999.

She coaches worldwide and she and her team provide training to mediators, coaches and lawyers in various parts of the world, including in Australia and New Zealand through Resolution Institute.

Cinnie is the author of two coaching books- Conflict Mastery: Questions to Guide You and Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY™ Model

Twitter: @CINERGYCoaching | @ConflictMastery
LinkedIn: Cinnie Noble