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On demand | Webinar | How I quit my day job, developed a mediation practice and didn’t starve in the process

with Andrew Moffat

On demand | Online
Andrew offers a great common-sense approach to the ‘business’ of mediation

Many aspiring mediators struggle because they focus exclusively on the practice of mediation and overlook the business of mediation. This distinction matters, because without a disciplined approach to commercial aspects – put simply, being engaged by disputants – the enormous satisfaction of guiding parties to a resolution can’t be achieved.

Andrew started his practice with the benefit of deep commercial experience from his former careers in finance, but he is confident that, by answering the right questions of themselves and following some processes with discipline and stamina, any good mediator can build a practice in the right arena for them.

This webinar will discuss those questions and processes, so that the scary amorphous challenge of building a practice becomes something much more manageable. But not easy.

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About the speaker

Anna Quinn

Andrew Moffat

Andrew’s main occupation is the mediation of commercial disputes, but he is also Chair of Vision Australia, one of Australia’s largest Not-for-Profits, and he is a Senior Fellow of Melbourne Law School, teaching the Mediation subjects in the JD and Masters.

Before all of this, he spent 15 years as an investment banker in London, then six years in senior commercial banking roles in Australia.

After mediations, he likes to clear his head by fighting people with swords.