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On demand | Webinar | The neurobiology of conflict

with Rachel King

On demand | Online

Human conflict arises when one or more of our most basic physical or psychological needs are unheard, unmet, violated or perceived to be violated in some way. Conflict triggers the stress response and the release of stress hormones that actually disable the very higher-order brain functions we need to utilise to resolve conflict effectively.

During this webinar, Rachel will explore the factors that drive conflict, how conflict changes our physiology and neurobiology, why we respond this way and how we can learn to keep ourselves and importantly our clients, connected to their ‘smart brain’, keeping capabilities such as perspective-taking, empathy, judgement and reasoning skills, online.

This webinar is relevant to mediators and all those involved in conflict or dispute resolution.

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About the speaker

Rachel King

Principal, Rachel King Translational Neuroscience
Rachel is a uniquely qualified specialist who operates as an interface between the human sciences and the commercial world.

Rachel previously spent more than 15 years working in the global financial markets for Australian, American and European investment banks, both domestically and offshore.

A desire to learn more about the neurobiological, psychological and social drivers that shape human cognition and behaviour, saw Rachel return to university to upskill herself in the multidisciplinary field of brain and mind sciences.

Rachel is also a nationally accredited mediator (NMAS), conflict management and performance coach (CINERGY) and an individual EAP provider.