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Webinar recording | Managing abrasive behaviour in the workplace

with Penny Webster

Pre-recorded | Online

This webinar focuses on how to use conflict management skills and knowledge to respond to abrasive behaviours in the workplace.

"Great ‘food for thought’ for DR practitioners and HR professionals working in the workplace."

This webinar focuses on how to use conflict management skills and knowledge to respond to abrasive behaviours in the workplace. Based on empirical research of over 400 abrasive leaders and grievance resolution systems, this method was developed by the Boss Whispering Institute (BWI) as an adjunct to mediation and coaching interventions. The BWI has a worldwide profile and regularly trains UN and Fortune 500 senior executives.

Managing abrasive behaviour is no easy task, and doing it poorly, or failing to do it altogether can have disastrous consequences for the organization and the individuals involved. You know what you should do: (intervene early, be specific, develop a corrective action plan), but why is it so terribly hard to do it, and what can you do to handle unacceptable behaviour calmly, confidently, and expertly?

In this webinar on Managing Abrasive Behaviour you will:

  • Gain insight into the psychodynamics of why people behave abrasively
  • Accurately differentiate between acceptable conflict and unacceptable behaviour
  • Create a foundation of behavioural expectations for respectful conduct
  • Learn about the psychological forces that make intervention so challenging, including unconscious fears and predictable defence mechanisms

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About the presenter

Dr Penny Webster

Dr Penny Webster has over 25 years’ experience working in ADR as an educator, researcher and practitioner. Her PhD thesis explored organisations’ and individuals’ expectations of their grievance resolution systems in responding to complaints about bullying and abrasive behaviours. She has trained Mediators for IAMA and Deakin University, lectured at conflict theory and negotiation at postgraduate level for Melbourne University.

Dr Webster trained with the founder of the Boss Whispering Institute, Dr Laura Crawshaw, in 2011. She is a Fellow of the Resolution Institute, a Certified Professional of the Australian Human Resource Institute and has held NMAS accreditation since its inception in 2008.