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Webinar recording | Who is the parent? Social and biological factors in parenting disputes

with Dr Emily Kwok

Pre-recorded | Online

This webinar is relevant to family dispute resolution practitioners / providers, family lawyers and others working with families.

Whereas biological bonds have traditionally been a main determinant of the family unit, contemporary societies have created ‘social families’ where family members, not biologically related, form equally strong bonds with each other from living together in the same household and/or by mutual recognition of each other as family.

Consequently, there is now a tension between the biological and social definitions of family relationships, and how these should be considered in family and parenting disputes.

This presentation examines factors that should be taken into account when working with families that have a blend of both biological and social relationships. This includes a discussion on the sensitivities that should be given to the disputing parties’ needs and emotional wellbeing, and the preservation of both social and biological relationships when it is in the best interest of the child.

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About the speaker

Dr Emily Kwok

Dr Emily Kwok is a clinical and forensic psychologist who has worked with children, adolescents and adults for assessments and treatment in private practice and community-based settings. Emily’s PhD examined the resolution of complex family matters within legal and psychological contexts.

Emily is also a nationally accredited mediator and family dispute resolution practitioner. She provides mediation for families affected by separation or divorce, and especially in matters that involve parenting arrangements. As a psychologist, Emily works in collaboration with family lawyers where she may assist parties undergoing family disputes with managing emotional distress, provide coaching to improve communication skills, and provide recommendations on matters such as children’s psychological wellbeing during family disputes.