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Webinar recording | The set up to settle: how proactive lawyers get the most out of ADR by Justin Toohey

31 December 2019

Venue: Zoom Webinar
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The set up to settle: how proactive lawyers get the most out of ADR by Justin Toohey

Develop your ability to prepare more quickly to effectively assist parties and their representatives, so they are set up to settle. In this webinar Justin Toohey, ADR Director for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal explores how simple preparation steps can avoid some of the most common preventable barriers to settlement.

Lawyers are increasingly time poor and the non-binding nature of many ADR process, as well as the drive to keep costs low, can sometimes lead to less than ideal preparation. This can result in frustration when a settlement has failed because of poor party preparation.

If you are a lawyer who regularly represents parties in mediation or conciliation or you mediate or conciliate regularly with legally represented parties, this practical and interactive webinar will give you a range of useful tips to optimise the chances of a settlement being reached.

This webinar will also be useful for mediators and conciliators who regularly deal with lawyers.

Purchase the recording and gain valuable CPD points.

About Justin Toohey

Justin Toohey is the Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). The ADR practices that he leads at AAT help finalize 80% of matters in the general division, eliminating the need for a hearing before a member. He has 14 years of experience in mediation.

Justin holds a Master’s degree in law and a graduate certificate in management from the Australian National University. He received bachelor degrees in law and science from Griffith University.

Justin has managed ADR projects as First Assistant Information Commissioner with the Office of the Information Commissioner, Queensland, and as Director of Mediation and Dispute Resolution Services for the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations. He has also been a senior legal officer, decision-maker and reviewer of administrative decisions in a range of Commonwealth agencies.