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Webinar recording | The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and dispute resolution: implications for practitioners

with Anne-Marie Rice

pre-recorded | Online
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The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and dispute resolution: implications for practitioners

The overarching purpose of the Family and Federal Circuit Court case management process is to facilitate the just resolution of disputes, according to law, as quickly, inexpensively and efficiently as possible. This includes, wherever it is safe to do so, encouraging the use of formal dispute resolution processes.

This presentation will explore the procedures and processes the Court has introduced to implement this objective: a Registrar led case management pathway, the use of internal and external dispute resolution processes; pre-action procedures for parenting and property cases; Genuine Steps Certificate, Section 60I Certificate and FDR Regulations amendments; Certificate of Dispute Resolution and the Acknowledgement -Information from Family Counsellors and Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners.

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About the speaker

Anne-Marie Rice
Senior Judicial Registrar
Executive Director Dispute Resolution

Anne-Marie is a problem solver, peace maker and educator having honed her technical and negotiation skills over the last 20 years and in the most highly charged of legal fields – family law.

Anne-Marie is a highly sought after mediator and trainer and is recognised by her peers as one of the best in her field. She is currently a Senior Judicial Registrar and the Executive Director of Dispute Resolution at the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia where she is responsible for the development of the Court’s dispute resolution programs.

Anne-Marie adopts a philosophy that “conflict can be resolved without combat” and her acceptance speech after being named the 2018 WLAQ Leneen Forde AC Woman Lawyer of the Year, in which she spoke of the exhaustion of an aggressive approach to legal practice, became an industry and social media sensation.

Anne-Marie brings to her engaging and thought-provoking presentations, learnings from psychology, neuroscience and mediation to challenge the traditional legal response to conflict, including in a court context.