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On demand | Webinar | Managing difficult conversations in the workplace

with Carol Bowen

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Managing difficult conversations in the workplace

Having difficult conversations in the workplace is a necessary thing when the situation warrants, yet many people shy away from them, from staff members to supervisors and managers. The price of not dealing with these conversations effectively is very often costly to individuals, the team, and organisational outcomes.

This presentation explores the critical importance of preparation for a difficult conversation. It includes the identification and management of assumptions, challenges, and risk to set the right conditions and present a framework to go forward.

This session will be of interest to public servants, novice mediators, HR professionals and those in line management roles who would like to enhance their skills in this area.

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About the speaker

Carol Bowen
Dispute resolution professional

With over 20 years of experience in the conflict resolution field and a genuine passion for people, Carol is eager to share experiences with her peers to help this professional community of practice grow.

As a Conflict Resolution Practitioner and Manager, she has a clear focus on helping client’s deliver required business outcomes when conflicts get to the point whereby team harmony and success are adversely impacted. Her sense and understanding of human conflict and relationships is highly regarded by clients that range across the public and private sectors within Australia and overseas.

Results-driven, she takes a pragmatic approach, ideally through early intervention as a key conflict resolution strategy with a tailored blend of best practice techniques that carefully balances the ‘scientific with the artistic’ to deliver the best outcomes.

She is a lifelong learner and is always interested and keen to learn from the experiences of other conflict resolution professionals.