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On demand | Webinar | How fathers experience family mediation

with Nurit Zubery

On demand | Online
“A much needed webinar for mediators. Thank you for the insight and awareness.” "This was a very insightful webinar which highlighted aspects I hadn't considered. Your research is incredibly powerful"

How fathers experience family mediation

In this webinar Nurit Zubery present the findings of her qualitative research project recently completed as part of an LLM thesis at the Auckland University Law School.

The study is based on in-depth qualitative interviews with fathers who attended FDR mediation and reveals some concerning trends around fathers’ dissatisfaction with the process.

Nurit discusses the main themes that emerged from the study, focusing on the severe grief reaction experienced by fathers following divorce and the devaluation of fatherhood in Western societies. It highlights fathers’ experiences of bias and powerlessness in mediation, viewed against the current socio-political backdrop of gender power struggles within the modern family.

The possible link between these themes and the fact family mediation is not reaching its full potential in New Zealand shall be discussed and implications for mediators presented.

Although this study was done in NZ, the findings and the implications for practice will have relevance for AU members working in the FDR context.

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About the speaker

Nurit Zubery
Researcher and Mediator

Nurit started her career as a lawyer in Israel, before moving to New Zealand in 1999. Over the past 20 years, Nurit owned and managed two successful businesses and in 2019 started studying mediation at the academic level. She studied at the Massey University Dispute Resolution Program and continued to study for a Master of Laws at the Auckland University Law School completing this research project on family mediation.

Nurit is the winner of the Fairway Resolution Anne Scragg scholarship for research in mediation for 2019.