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with Catherine Williams

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"Great level of detail, a complex topic made simple"

Delay analysis methodologies

In this webinar Catherine explores the practical reasons various delay analysis methodologies may result in a different assessment of liability and duration of delay.

With reference to her Brooking Award-winning paper, Catherine will opine on how decision makers might best navigate the tricky topic of delay in a construction contract.

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About the speaker

Catherine Williams
Testifying Delay Expert

Catherine Williams holds degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Law. Catherine was previously a construction planner and project manager and now assists parties with contract, program and risk issues.

Catherine is a party appointed, testifying, delay expert. Catherine holds a residential builders license and is an accredited mediator and Grade 3 arbitrator, with the Resolution Institute.

Catherine resides in Adelaide in a noisy household containing 3 adults, 3 small children, and a dog.

Catherine’s paper Is it ever appropriate to employ a prospective delay analysis for a time distant event, in a dispute context? is published by the Society of Construction Law (as a Brooking Prize recipient) and in the Australian Construction Law Newsletter (193 ACLN 20).