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Webinar recording | Assisting people to prepare – uses of & tips on how conflict management coaching can help

with Lynora Brooke

Pre-recorded | Online

The webinar is relevant to mediators, managers, HR partners and anyone interested in conflict management.

This webinar references the CINERGY™ model of Conflict Management Coaching, a unique process developed by Cinnie Noble of Toronto, Canada. Amongst many other applications, Conflict Management Coaching, also known as Conflict Coaching, is an invaluable tool to help people prepare for a variety of meetings, for example mediation, negotiations, family conferencing and organisational or role changes. As part of the one-to-one, confidential coaching process, an individual is guided to ‘deconstruct’ their conflict or communication approach, by specifically identifying their triggers and underlying factors, testing their assumptions and considering consequences. It can assist them to ‘disrupt their own narrative’, allowing new insights and enabling them to prepare more effectively and thoroughly for upcoming meetings. The process also comprehensively guides consideration of all aspects from the other participant/s’ perspective/s (the concept of ‘mutuality’).

Lynora will provide an explanation of the conflict cycle and tips for its use in ‘helping people prepare’. She will also discuss a wide variety of uses for Conflict Management Coaching.
A handout with some tips ‘to help people prepare’ and a list of possible applications, will be provided before the webinar.

The webinar is relevant to mediators, managers, HR partners and anyone interested in conflict management.

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About the speaker

Lynora Brooke

Lynora Brooke has used the CINERGY™ model of conflict management coaching since training with Cinnie Noble in 2005. With a focus on leadership development and conflict management, Lynora established redefinity, specialising in leadership and conflict coaching, business mentoring, workplace and commercial mediation and team dynamics reviews.

As a trainer for Resolution Institute, Lynora has trained hundreds of people in CINERGY™ Conflict Management Coaching in NZ and Australia. With a multitude of applications, Conflict Management Coaching is invaluable as an early intervention to mitigate risk and prevent workplace psychological injury, prior to and post negotiations, mediations, investigations, conferencing, complaints and in return-to-work situations. Also helpful when there is a high degree of ‘outrage’ and entrenched conflict and when an organisation is restructuring.