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On demand | Webinar | Co-mediation: considerations, practicalities and skills

with Bianca Keys

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“I gained some great insights into the pros and cons of the co-mediation model. Particularly helpful the discussion on choosing your co-mediator. Thank you.”

Co-mediation: considerations, practicalities and skills

Co-mediation can work exceptionally well, in the right circumstances and with the right synergies. It can provide benefits for both the parties and the mediators involved. A co-mediation approach can form part of a mediator’s process design; reflecting and responding to diversity, resourcing appropriately for complex or multi-party matters, and providing new mediators with the opportunity to learn and develop confidence.

This webinar explores when co-mediation might be suitable, the various ways that it might work in practice, and the importance of preparing well with your co-mediator.

This webinar is designed to appeal to a broad audience – those new to mediation and curious about how it might work for them, mediators currently engaging in co-mediation who are keen to connect with and reflect upon the experience of others, and for experienced solo practitioners considering this approach for complex matters or as a way to give back and mentor new practitioners.

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About the speaker

Bianca Keys
Director, Bianca Keys Dispute Resolution Consulting
Mediator, Trainer, Conflict Management Coach

Bianca Keys is a highly experienced Mediator, Trainer and Conflict Management Coach with 17+ years of ADR experience. Bianca operates her own consultancy, specialising in mediation and conflict management for commercial, workplace and healthcare disputes.

Bianca has diverse experience in the design and management of industry dispute resolution schemes. She has worked with the Australian franchising, horticulture, retail, petroleum, film exhibition, and wine making industries.

Bianca has delivered mediation training in Australia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China and Bahrain. In addition, Bianca designs and delivers tailored conflict management and resolution skills workshops for organisations and professional development workshops for mediators and conciliators.

Bianca has a legal background, although she now works solely as an ADR professional. She has been appointed to a number of mediation panels, including the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, NSW Small Business Commission, NSW Personal Injury Commission, the Australian Disputes Centre, and the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman (Franchising and SME panels).

Bianca is a frequent contributor to industry publications and conferences. She is particularly passionate about training new mediators in order to maintain a high standard of ADR service delivery in Australia. She is the current Chair of the Mediator Standards Board, which oversees the National Mediator Accreditation System.