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On demand | Webinar | .au domain name dispute resolution

with Professor Andrew Christie

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“Rich, complex topic, very well presented”

.au domain name dispute resolution

Professor Andrew Christie has determined more than 250 domain name disputes since commencement of the ICANN dispute resolution system in 1999, including many involving an Australian (.au) domain name. Resolution Institute is one of two centres accredited to resolve .au domain name disputes (the other being the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva).

During this webinar Andrew explores the .au dispute resolution system, including:

  • The concept of the system - the structural features which make it efficient and effective
  • The law of the system - the requirements for a remedy and how they are applied by panels
  • The outcomes of the system - the data on who wins and why

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About the speaker

Professor Andrew Christie
Melbourne Law School

Andrew Christie is a Professor at Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne, where he holds the Chair of Intellectual Property. Admitted to the legal profession in Australia, England and Wales, he practised IP law for many years with law firms in Melbourne and London.

An experienced arbitrator, mediator and expert determiner, he has accepted appointments from a range of institutions, including the ICC International Centre for ADR, the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center, the Asian International Arbitration Centre, and Resolution Institute.