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Webinar recording | Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice – a TEAM approach to respectfully resolving family law disputes without court

with Shelby Timmins

Pre-recorded | Online

This webinar is relevant to mediators, lawyers and family dispute resolution practitioners.

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice is a bespoke process that provides parties with an opportunity to work through their dispute co-operatively, with respect and dignity and without going to court. It involves confidential and transparent negotiations that take an interest-based ‘team approach’. It’s a leap away from the win / lose adversarial mentality, to a process where parties and practitioners are committed to a win/win, future-focused outcome for those involved, without court.

Shelby Timmins, who is passionate about Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice, explains: the key features and how they work; the beauty of taking a ‘team’ approach; the benefits of a collaborative process; how/when it can be used and by whom.

Although Shelby works in the family dispute resolution space, she challenges you to think ‘outside the box’. Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice is not confined to family law. This dispute resolution method is applicable where there is a dispute that requires resolution and parties and professionals who are committed to finding a solution that works for all.

This webinar is relevant to mediators, lawyers and family dispute resolution practitioners.

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About the speaker

Shelby Timmins

Before moving away from traditional family law, Shelby Timmins was an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

Shelby holds a Masters in Law from the University of Sydney, is a Nationally Accredited Mediator, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, Conflict Coach and Collaborative Professional.

Shelby is a member of Collaborative Professionals (NSW) Inc and President of Southern Sydney Collaborative Professionals.

Shelby has over 18 years’ experience in Family Law and spent much of this at one of Sydney’s most respected specialist Family Law firms. Shelby is now an author and presenter in the area of family dispute resolution and interdisciplinary collaborative practice.

Shelby is passionate about doing things differently in the family law space and is determined to get parties, their lawyers and other professionals to look at separation, divorce and the breakdown of families in a more respectful and future focussed way.

With this in mind, Shelby has recently stepped aside from practising law and established a boutique family law dispute resolution practice which specialises in mediation, interdisciplinary collaborative practice, conflict coaching, separation and divorce support and family law wellness workshops. Her business is called DIVORCE DONE DIFFERENTLY!