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Webinar recording | Elements of outrage: A diagnostic tool for understanding people’s interests more richly

with Phillip Hart

Pre-recorded | Online

This webinar explores 12 elements that contribute to people's outrage and road-test them by applying them to mediation experience(s) to manage controversies.

People locked in conflict often need our help to recognise and discuss their interests in the situation. How confident are we that we have addressed all the important elements? What might we be missing? How can we support a stronger and more nuanced understanding of people’s interests?

Sandman distinguishes the negative consequences of a situation (Hazard) from the strong negative reactions - anger, concern, etc - that the person experiences (Outrage). Using an evidence-based approach - drawing on his extensive experience managing controversies - he identifies 12 elements that tend to contribute to people’s outrage and which he says dominate most conflicts.

These elements provide us with a handy checklist or diagnostic tool.

This webinar explores these 12 elements and road-test them by applying them to some mediation experience(s) of our own.

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About the presenter

Phillip Hart

Phillip Hart is Principal of a consultancy specialising in mediation, facilitation and skills development. He has more than 15 years’ experience in a wide range of contexts in the private, public and non-government sectors.

Phillip is drawn to helping people make progress where it seems most difficult, and trying to learn from those whom he least understands.

He is an active contributor to the profession; his previous conference presentations include such topics as: “Conflict Specialists and Public Confrontations”, “Connecting with a Hostile Audience” and “Riding the Tiger: Resolving Complex Many-party Issues”.