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Using mediation skills in workplace investigations

21 September 2017

Time: 5:30 PM -7:00 PM
Venue: Wesley Conference Centre, Green Room, Lower Ground, 220 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000

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Note: the venue has been changed for this event. Please check the event details for more information.

Thursday, 21 September

With highly tuned skills in managing and resolving conflicts, mediators can bring an approach to workplace investigations arising from grievances, which assists to restore and enhance workplace relations. Increasingly, managers and HR advisors value this constructive future-focussed approach of exploring different perspectives, systemic issues and the potential for positive outcomes, in preference to an approach focused on fact finding, blame and punitive actions.

Grievance procedures in most workplaces prescribe as the first step that issues be settled by face-to-face discussion supported as appropriate by an internal officer or external mediator. Where there are allegations of bullying, harassment, theft or other serious issues, the matter is most likely to be progressed to a formal investigation. Organisations appropriately feel their responsibility to address wrongdoing and also to create the conditions for future productive working relationships.

Join the Facilitative Special Interest Group and guest speaker, Janice McLeay, to explore a step-by-step process for workplace investigations, including preparation, interviews and analysis. Janice, who has found that she uses her mediation skills in each of these steps, will share with you what she has learned about:

  • Determining whether the situation is appropriate for an investigation
  • The role of the investigator
  • Principles of procedural fairness
  • Gathering information without bias
  • Interviewing the 'right' people
  • Analysing the information and presenting a written report focused, as far as possible, on a constructive outcome for the organisation, for the individuals most directly involved and for those in the workplace who may have been impacted.

Gain useful insights about how your mediation skills can be used in workplace investigations while adding to your CPD points.

About Janice McLeay

Former Industrial Relations Commissioner, Janice McLeay is a nationally accredited mediator and has a Master of Dispute Resolution (Hons) from UTS. Prior to serving in the NSW IRC for 11 years, she held executive roles in local government and the education sector. She and her son, Paul McLeay, form Janice McLeay Consulting with a practice that includes mediation, investigations, workplace reviews, coaching and facilitation.